Pencil pleat Ready Made Curtains in Portobello 100% cotton

Portobello is a smooth, lightweight, 100% cotton fabric. It's a versatile cream shade with a hint of stone.

Made right here in the UK, all our ready made curtains are available in unique extra long and extra wide sizes and with a thermal blackout lining option.

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Size Guide

Step 1: Get measuring!

For curtains on a pole: 
1. Measure the width of the pole between finials. 
2. Measure the drop of the curtains from top to bottom.

For curtains on a track: 
1. Measure the width of the entire track. 
2. Measure the drop of the curtains from top to bottom.

View our illustrated measuring guide.

Step 2: Choose your curtain width

There are three widths available: Standard, Large and Extra Large for pencil pleat and eyelet ready made curtains. Measure your pole or track width and select the most suitable size below.

Pencil pleat
My pole or track width is between:
86cm and 123cm (Choose a Standard pair)
124cm and 177cm (Choose a Large pair)
178cm and 240cm (Choose an Extra Large pair)

My pole or track width is between:
120cm and 180cm (Choose a Standard pair)
181cm and 240cm (Choose a Large pair)
241cm and 300cm (Choose an Extra Large pair)

*N.B. Our standard eyelet size is 40mm and comes in satin silver.

Step 3: Decide your ideal drop

There are four drops (lengths) available: 137cm, 183cm, 228cm and 274cm. The extra-long 274cm length curtains are only available in the large and extra-large widths. Choose the drop that best suits your window. It’s generally better to have curtains slightly too long than too short because they’ll keep your room warmer and look better.

What will I receive?

You will receive 2 curtains (a pair), each measuring the flat width shown below.
The widths shown below are for each curtain in your pair before they are gathered to your desired width.

Size Standard: Each curtain is 116cm wide
Size Large: Each curtain is 168cm wide
Size Extra Large: Each curtain is 228cm wide

The safest and most efficient way to clean your curtains or blinds is to vacuum them in situ with a clean vacuum. However you may feel that your curtains need a deep clean after several years, in which case please contact us for advice. Dry cleaning can damage your curtains if the correct process and cleaning solvents are not used. Please note we take no responsibility for any shrinkage or damage incurred should you wish to gently dry clean your curtains or blinds after a number of years. 


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