Caring For Your Roman Blind

We've answered some common questions below about how best to clean and care for your Roman blind, but if you're in any doubt at all then don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I iron my Roman blind?
There shouldn't be any need to iron your blind when it arrives. Any creasing should fall out naturally, but give us a call if you have any concerns.

Can I put my Roman blind in the washing machine?
No, the rods and base bar will prevent you from putting it in the washing machine. Furthermore, the fabric will almost certainly shrink, there’s a high possibility colours might run and the linings could be damaged. Roman blinds can be dry cleaned at your own risk, but please note they can shrink by up to 3% during the process. If you have to take your blackout/thermal lined Roman blind to the dry cleaners please let them know that it will need to be put through a very sensitive treatment. Loom & Last accepts no responsibility for any damage incurred by your dry cleaner. The best way to keep your Roman blind clean is to vacuum it in situ with a clean nozzle.

Will my Roman blind fade?
Over time yes, particularly if it is exposed to direct sunlight. If your blind is unlined it will fade faster than a lined or, better still, interlined blind. The most effective way to protect your fabric is to use a blackout lining, as this will prevent any direct sunlight reaching the face fabric.