Frequently Asked Questions

Because we love having a natter, we always encourage our customers to give us a call to chat about any queries. But we understand that some people just want to crack on and find the answers to their questions online, and fast.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for then call us on 01394 775 670 or email and we'll do our best to give you the information you need.


How do I measure up?
Simply follow our measuring instructions. If you're measuring for curtains, we recommend having your curtain pole or track in place. Always use a metal tape measure.

How do I measure a bay window?
There is no one rule because every bay window is different. If you're measuring for curtains and your bay pole or track is already in place, simply follow our instructions for "How to Measure for Curtains". If you need a quote for a bay pole or track please call or email us for some advice as you will need to complete a special form to help us calculate the angles for the bends. 

If you are measuring for roller or Roman blinds to go in your bay window there is a chance you will need to deduct a certain amount from the width of each one, depending how closely they will sit to one another and at what angle. If you need any advice please email us at or call us on 01394 775670.

What happens if I get my measurements wrong?
Contact us straight away and we’ll try to sort it out for you. If work has started it might be too late to make any amendments. If this is the case you can either continue or cancel and receive a 50% refund.
If you only find that you've got your measurements wrong after you've received the curtains, please still give us a call and we'll see if there's any way we can get them altered for you.

Do you offer a measuring or fitting service?
Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer a measuring or fitting service anywhere in the country. 


Which width should I choose for my ready made curtains?

Pencil pleat
A Standard width pair will fit a pole or track between 86cm and 123cm.
A Large width pair will fit a pole or track between 124cm and 177cm.
An Extra Large width pair will fit a pole or track between 178cm and 240cm.

A Standard width pair will fit a pole between 120cm and 180cm.
A Large width pair will fit a pole between 181cm and 240cm.
An Extra Large width pair will fit a pole between 241cm and 300cm.

Full measuring instructions for ready made curtains can be found here.

N.B The flat width of each ready made curtain

The widths shown below are for each curtain in your pair before they are gathered to your desired width:
Standard = each curtain is 116cm wide
Large = each curtain is 168cm wide
Extra Large = each curtain is 228cm wide

Which curtains are the best for insulation?
All of our fabrics are available with lining or interlining through the made to measure section of our website. Interlining paired with blackout lining is the best way of providing insulation to your home. As you put your order through on the made to measure section of our website you can choose interlining as an option. Alternatively, our extra thick thermal or extra thick blackout linings are also available through the made to measure section - these are designed to simulate lining with interlining in one layer and are very warm, cost effective and extremely popular! 

Do curtains come as a pair or as a single curtain?
All of our curtains come as a pair – that includes ready made curtains and made to measure – unless you specify that you want a single curtain in the case of made to measure. When asked for the quantity while processing your order ‘1’ will mean one pair of curtains. If you do want a single curtain then go to the made to measure section of the website and select ‘single curtain’. Unfortunately our ready made curtains are only available in pairs.

Do you offer any other heading types?
Our standard (and most popular) heading types for made to measure curtains are pencil pleat, double pleat and eyelet. However, other headings such as triple pleat, Euro pleat, tab top & wave are available on request. Please email us at with your measurements, fabric and lining choices and we can discuss your heading requirements with our experienced workroom team and provide you with a quotation.

What size are your eyelets?
The eyelets on our eyelet headed curtains have a diameter of 40mm and we recommend hanging them on a pole with a maximum diameter of 35mm.

How heavy are the curtains?
Curtains vary in weight according to the curtain fabric they're made from, their size and the lining options you choose. Sheer curtain fabrics are the lightest and velvet curtains are normally the heaviest. Unlined or lined curtains are lighter than three layer lined & interlined curtains. If you have a curtain pole or track that is not strong and not securely fixed to the wall, you might want to replace it before you hang curtains otherwise the curtain pole could come away from the wall. If you need advice on this please call us on 01394 775 670 and we'll be happy to help you. 

Will my curtains have joins?
If your made to measure curtains are wider than the width of the fabric you have chosen, we will join widths of fabric together with vertical seams. If your fabric has a pattern it will be matched across the seams.

Can I iron or steam my curtains?
We recommend you simply hang them up straight away and the creases will disappear on average within 2 weeks. Ironing the fabric could be damaging and ruin your curtains. Do not attempt to iron your curtains using a household iron on a steam setting, especially if your curtains are 100% LINEN, as this will stretch the fabric out of shape. Once hung, curtains can be gently steamed with either a professional clothes steamer or a hand steamer. The head of the steamer should be held at least 2 inches from the surface of the fabric and moved across it very quickly. More information on caring for your curtains can be found hereIf you are in any doubt about what to do please give us a call on 01394 775670 to discuss.

Can I put my curtains in the washing machine?
No, this is not advisable. The fabric will shrink, there’s a high possibility colours might run and the linings will get ruined. Curtains can be dry cleaned at your own risk but please note they can shrink by up to 3% during the process. If you have to take your blackout/thermal curtains to the dry cleaners please let them know that they'll need to be put through a very sensitive treatment. The best way to keep your curtains clean is to vacuum them in situ. More information on caring for your curtains can be found here.

What if my ready made curtains are out of stock?
If you want to want to make sure you're first in the queue when your chosen curtains are back in stock, email us at and we will send you a quotation with a payment link. Once your order is on the system we can prioritise your size with our manufacturer and ensure the curtains are automatically dispatched to you when the new stock arrives at our warehouse (which normally takes no more than a few weeks). 



Are your blinds child safe?
Absolutely. We provide chain tidys and cleats to make sure that our blinds are safe, and we’re also happy to send out free blind safety packs. Email us or give us a call on 01394 775 670 to request one.

If your blinds are wider than the width of the fabric you have chosen, we will join widths of fabric together with vertical seams. If your fabric has a pattern it will be matched across the seams.

Will you deduct anything from my blind measurements?
No - the width and drop measurements you give us will be the finished width and drop of your blind. (PLEASE NOTE: if you have ordered a roller blind, the width measurement includes a 1.5-2cm gap on each side between the fabric roll and the fitting brackets. If you want the fabric to be a  specific width please add 4cm to the blind’s width or call us for more information.)

What is your manufacturing tolerance?
Our manufacturing tolerance is 5mm (0.5cm) which is standard across our industry when hand sewing blinds. This means that while we will endeavour to make your Roman blind or roller blind to the exact measurements you provided, there may be +/- 5mm on the width or drop. 

How deep will my Roman blind be when it is raised?
The "stack depth" or the depth of the folded pleats when a Roman blind is raised (up) varies depending on the drop of the blind. If you need this information before you order please email us at with your measurements and we will discuss it with our workroom.

What size are the blind brackets?
Our Roman blind brackets are approximately 35mm high and 30mm deep. Our roller blind brackets are approximately 53mm high and 65mm deep. 

What colour are the Roman blind fixings?
Our Roman blind brackets are white and the chain to operate the blind is chrome as standard. If you would prefer a brass chain you will need to contact us by email after you've placed your order.

What colour are the roller blind fixings?
Our roller blind brackets are white and the chain to operate the blind is chrome as standard. We have a wide range of alternative bracket and chain colours available if you would prefer, however. Email us at and we will send you photos of the different colour options. 

Do you offer "waterfall" (or cascade) Roman blinds?
Our standard Roman blinds are stacked (the pleats fold up behind one another) but we can make you a waterfall style Roman blind at no extra cost if you prefer. Please contact us after you place your order to request this.

Do you offer a cord and cleat mechanism on your Roman blinds?
Our standard Roman blinds are supplied on a sidewinder headrail with a silver chrome control chain. If you would prefer a traditional cord and brass cleat mechanism please let us know after you place your order.

Do you offer fabric end caps?
Yes - we can add headrail fabric end caps for outside recesses. Please contact us to find out more.

Do you offer motorised Roman blinds and roller blinds?
Yes - we can supply motorised Roman or roller blinds (operated by a remote control). If it's something you might be interested in please email us with your measurements, fabric and lining choices and we will put a quotation together for you.



Can I see the fabrics?
Yes, of course! You can request as many as you like and the first 5 are free. We can also send you larger 45x45cm samples of fabric for a small charge (refundable on return).

How natural are your fabrics?
All the curtain and blind fabrics you see on our website are 100% natural and composed of either cotton, linen, silk or a mixture of these. (A few of our fabrics also contain some viscose which is partially synthetic and good for stability and drape.) Each fabric's fibre composition can be found in the description on the website. We choose our 100% natural fabrics for their depth of texture. Some natural imperfections and slubbing are to be expected across many of our linen, cotton and silk ranges. These are completely normal, inherent qualities of natural fabrics and are, we believe, all part of their charm.

Do fabric batches vary?
Yes, fabric can vary from batch to batch, but if you have the same fabric from a different batch in different rooms it’s very difficult to tell the difference. If the shade of colour that you’re looking for is particularly important, we recommend you call us and ask for a stock cutting so we can cut a sample from the current batch and take a note of which batch it was from.

Will my fabrics fade?
Over time yes, particularly if they are exposed to direct sunlight. If your curtains are unlined they will fade faster than lined or better still interlined curtains. The most effective way to protect your fabric is to use a blackout lining as this will prevent any direct sunlight reaching the face fabric.

Do your fabrics contain chemicals?
All of our fabrics, curtains, blinds and bed linen (as well as their components) have been through normal chemical processes during their manufacture, dyeing and fixing. They are all STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified which means they contain no harmful chemicals and are safe for human health. 

Are your fabrics flame retardant?
Our fabrics aren't flame retardant. If you'd like the fabrics for your curtains or blinds to go through a flame retardant treatment for FR certification, you need to let us know before you place your order. There will be an extra charge for this. Alternatively we can also source manufactured flame retardant fabrics for your products - give us a call on 01394 775 670 to discuss your options.

Can you supply other fabric?
If you're still looking for the perfect fabric we may be able to help you source it from elsewhere. We have access to hundreds of fabrics via our long list of suppliers so get in touch if you would like to talk through some options. 

Can I have a made to measure item made out of ready made curtain fabric?
Yes you can. If you've got a pair of our ready made curtains and want a roller blind, Roman blind or bespoke curtains to match, our workroom can make it up for you in the same fabric. You can also buy our ready made curtain fabric by the metre. Simply get in touch with your requirements and we'll get back to you with a quote. 

Can I supply my own fabric?
Absolutely. If you already have some fabric you'd like made into curtains or blinds we will be happy to do that for you. You can find out more about that service here.


What are your linings made of?
Made to measure curtains, Roman blinds and roller blinds: our cotton lining is 100% cotton. Our blackout and thermal linings are cotton/polyester mix. Ready made curtains: all linings are cotton/polyester mix. If you would like to see swatches of any of our linings please email us at with your address and we will send you some samples for free. 

Can I add lining to curtains that have already been made?
Unfortunately we cannot add lining to curtains that have already been made as we’d have to unpick each stitch! However, if you would like to have a go yourself you can buy our lining by the metre - just email us at for a quote.


Bed linen

Do you sell single size bed linen? 
We sell single size bed linen in our 200 and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, white cotton and coloured cotton ranges. We do not currently offer a single size in French linen or 600 thread count Egyptian cotton. 

Does your bedding fit European sizes?
We sell standard UK size bed linen. European mattress and duvet sizes are a little larger so if you have European goods please check below to see if our bed linen will fit.

What size is your bed linen?
Loom & Last bed linen fits standard UK size mattresses and duvets.

Duvet cover dimensions:
Single 135x200cm
Double 200x200cm
King 225x220cm
Super King 260x220cm

Standard fitted sheet dimensions:
Single 93x196x31cm
Double 139x196x31cm
King 155x206x31cm
Super King 186x206x31cm

Deep fitted sheet dimensions:
Single 93x196x37cm
Double 139x196x37cm
King 155x206x37cm
Super King 186x206x37cm

All pillowcase dimensions:

Do you sell flat sheets?
We do not currently sell flat sheets but please do let us know if it's something you would like us to consider adding to our collection in the future!

Poles and Tracks

Are your curtain poles cut to order?
Our curtain poles can only be bought in the sizes specified on the website. You can cut the the poles to size yourself – but be safe and if you’re worried, get a handy man to do it. Call us if you would like any further advice.

Are your curtain tracks cut to order?
Yes, they can be cut to order. Simply specify when you place your order and they will be cut to size.



What is the delivery time?
Our lead times for made to measure items can vary slightly depending on things like fabric availability and the number of orders in front of yours. We always aim to complete your order as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you have a deadline to work to - please ask us so we can give you an honest answer about the feasibility of making it. Our ready made curtains and homeware products are usually delivered the next working day if ordered before midday. You can find a list of delivery times for all our products here.

Can I cancel an order?
Yes. You can only be guaranteed a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of placing the order. After this 24-hour period you will receive a 50% refund if work has already started on your curtains or blinds.

What is your returns policy?
We want you to be happy with your new curtains or blinds so if there’s a problem, we will work hard to sort it out. We will accept returns and consider replacements or refunds if there is a problem with the quality of manufacture or faults with the fabric. However, we cannot accept returns in situations where we have been given incorrect measurements or you haven't seen a sample yet and are unhappy with the fabric. In the case of ready made curtains, poles and tracks you can return these to us within 14 days, no questions asked. To read more about our returns policy, click here.