Caring For Your Throw or Blanket

We've answered some common questions below about how best to care for your throw or blanket, but if you're in any doubt at all then don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I wash my 100% linen throw?
Our linen Marais throws can be machine washed periodically. We would encourage you to tumble dry your throw after washing, if possible, to maintain the embossed effect. Some shedding of fibres from the natural fringe is likely and to be expected. 

How do I wash my wool throw?
Washing instructions for our wool throws vary: some cannot be washed, some can be washed by hand and some dry cleaned. We don't recommend washing your throw or blanket too frequently. If you are in any doubt about how to wash your throw or blanket please check the care label or give us a call.

Should I iron my 100% linen throw?
We do not recommend ironing your linen Marais throw because it will ruin the embossed, waffle texture of the design. Linen softens with use so any creases will soon drop out.  

Can I iron my wool blanket?
There is no need to iron your throw or blanket when it arrives. Wool, baby alpaca, lambswool and cashmere are all natural, soft fibres and any creases should disappear very quickly when the throw is smoothed out over your bed or sofa.