How to Hang Curtains

Hanging your curtains


Hang your curtains by threading the hooks through the eye of your curtain ring or glider. The hooks will already be inserted into the heading, behind the pleats.

Hold the strings at one end and with the other hand push the gathers across the top of the heading as evenly as possible, as you pull the cords to your desired width.

Check that your curtain will fit across a little over half the width of your curtain track or pole. This will allow them to overlap when closed.

If there is not enough finished width, push the gathers evenly apart so they aren’t as tight and the curtain will become wider.

Once you have the right width, tie the strings. Do not tie too tightly as you may want to loosen it in the future. Tuck the remainder neatly behind the heading tape so they cannot be seen.

If your curtains are made to measure they will have metal curtain hooks already inserted into appropriate places in the heading. If your curtains are ready made, you will receive a pack of metal curtain hooks with the curtains in the packaging. You will need to now insert the enclosed hooks into the heading tape at the back of the curtains, ensuring they are evenly spaced.

Finally, hang your curtains by threading the hooks through the eye of your ring or glider.

Thread the pole through the eyelets of your curtain. Make sure the inside edges (middle) of your curtains point away from the room towards the window.

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