Different linings will add different benefits and looks to your curtains or blinds. Certain linings will give a bulkier, more traditional look, whereas others will work to protect your fabric against light for longer. 
We offer a range of different lining types for both our curtains and blinds. All of our made to measure curtains and Roman blinds are available in the options below, and our ready made curtains and roller blinds are available in either cotton or blackout lining. 

No Lining

Some people choose to opt for unlined curtains or blinds if they're looking for a lighter, more delicate look. Go for this option if you're using a lightweight linen or cotton.

Standard Lining

Our standard lining is a pale cotton fabric. It gives some additional weight to your curtains or blinds to help them hang well but still allows light to filter through.
(N.B. Our ready made curtain lining contains a small amount of polyester for stability.)

Extra Thick Thermal Lining

This is a thick woolly type lining, with the woolly side on the inside and so not visible. This provides more insulation than cotton lining and allows less light to penetrate without blocking the light completely. Due to its extra weight, it also helps your curtain or blind hang well and look fuller.

Lined and Interlined 

If you're looking for fuller, cosier curtains or blinds then choose interlining. It's a separate layer of natural cotton domette that sits between your fabric and the outer lining that helps to keep your home warm. It's definitely the option to go for if you're going for the classic, hearty look.

Blackout Lining 

All of the lining options above are available with or without blackout lining. Blackout lining is completely opaque and will cut out all the light. We offer white and off-white blackout lining and we choose the best colour to match the fabric you’ve chosen.