Looking After Our Curtain Fabrics

The safest and most efficient way to clean your curtains or blinds is to vacuum them in situ with a clean vacuum. 

However you may feel that your curtains need a deep clean after several years, in which case our curtains are dry clean only. Please tell your dry cleaner to wash them on an extra sensitive treatment. 

This process can shrink the fabrics by up to 3%. If your curtains or blinds are lined with either blackout, thermal or interlining they must go through a very sensitive treatment.

Our curtains or blinds should never go into a washing machine. Please note we take no responsibility for any shrinkage or damage incurred should you wish to gently dry clean your curtains or blinds after a number of years.


We strive to deliver your fabric in the best possible condition. However, natural fabrics can crush easily, so there is a minor chance they could be slightly creased on arrival. Ironing the fabric could be damaging and ruin your fabric so we recommend laying or hanging the fabric out for the creases to drop.

Natural fabrics can stretch over time, especially loose weave linens. This is hardly noticeable unless the length of your curtains or blinds is critical. The added length will ultimately depend on the fabric that you choose. If you have any concerns then please give us a call and we'll be happy to talk through your options with you.

Light Fastness and Fading
Our natural fabrics have varying degrees of light fastness depending on the range they are from. The best way to avoid fading and protect the colour of your fabric is to order a lined or interlined curtain.