Thermal Lining

If you're feeling the cold and thinking about ways to warm up your home and reduce your energy bills, then curtains are a great way to go. Although it may feel indulgent to buy a new pair of curtains, it makes a lot of financial sense. We would say that wouldn't we? Well, please don't just take our word for it. A 2008 study at the Glasgow Caledonian University shows that a pair of thick curtains reduces heat loss through a single pane window by a very significant 14% and the combination of double glazing and curtains up to a whopping 66%. These are big numbers and they translate into proper savings on your energy bill, more toastiness, and a greener and even more beautiful home. 


What are thermal curtains or blinds?

A curtain or Roman blind is made up from either two or three layers:

Two Layer Curtains
A two layer curtain or blind is made up from the 'face' fabric (the one you choose for its colour, pattern, stripe etc) and a single back lining layer. This can be made from a plain cotton or a blackout cotton material, both of which are off white or cream in colour. A plain lining will offer small amounts of thermal insulation but primarily help the curtains to hang nicely and protect the face fabric from direct sunlight damage. A blackout lining is a coated cotton lining and it will provide more insulation. A blackout lining will prevent the most heat loss of the three but also prevent any light from passing through the curtain material. This may be good in bedrooms or to prevent sun damage to delicate fabrics but it may not always be the look you want because it can be attractive to have sunlight passing through the curtain fabric during the day. 

Three Layer Curtains
Three layer curtains are lined & interlined. They are made up as a two layer curtain above but with an extra interlining layer sandwiched between the face fabric and the back lining. This thick, cottonwool-like interlining layer provides much more heat insulation and added weight to help your curtains hang beautifully. They also make the curtains look fuller. In most situations, a lined & interlined curtain is the 'ultimate' curtain but it is a more expensive option to buy despite the significant future savings it may provide.

What's the most effective thermal insulation option?
If you want your room to be extra toasty, then choose interlining as well as a blackout back lining.

Aren’t thermal curtains going to be expensive?
Our blackout lining is just a little bit more expensive than standard cotton lining (around 5-10% more), but the added long term benefits when you start saving money on your energy bills are going to be well worth the investment. If you choose lined & interlined, then your curtains and blinds will be more expensive but thermal insulation won't be the only benefit (sigificant though it is). Your curtains or blinds will also hang beautifully and look gorgeous and we think that's important too!

How do I order thermal curtains or Roman blinds?
If you order from us, choosing a thermally lined pair of curtains or Roman blinds is easy - it's part of the online ordering process. You'll be asked to choose which lining option you'd like as you place your order; or if you prefer, you can order over the phone.

What is blackout lining made from and what colours does it come in?
Blackout lining is made using a poly/cotton mix. We offer off-white and cream coloured thermal lining and we choose the best colour to match the fabric of your curtains or blinds. Interlining is a thick 100% cotton padding material.

Will my curtains hang well with thermal blackout lining?
Some people considering purchasing curtains with a thermal lining are concerned by the way that their curtains will hang. Don’t be. Thermal lining is a fraction of a millimetre thicker than cotton lining and will hang well. If you choose interlining, then your curtains will hang very well indeed. The extra weight and body of the interlining helps hanging and gives your curtains or Roman blinds a plumper more sumptuous look.