Be Inspired by Nature when Decorating

February 3rd, 2010 by Harry

butterfliesWhen thinking of decorating ideas for your home, what better place to get inspiration from than nature…

Decorating in this style should also mean a commitment to using eco-friendly materials, such as materials which are recycled or sustainable.

Here are some tips of how to bring some of the beautiful, peacefulness of nature into your home:


  • Essential materials to use include cork, bamboo and wood flooring.
  • Natural materials for bed spreads, curtains, draperies such as linen and natural cotton.
  • Wicker, willow and natural untreated wood furntiture and accesories.


  • The overall colour scheme of your house should be neutral – think cream, stone, beige.
  • If you want to add detail, choose wallpaper, curtains or furniture with birds, butterflies, flowers, plants or leaves in the detail.
  • Accent colours could include green, gold, turquoise, or pink, red if there are flower details on any fabric/furniture/wallpaper.


    It is important to keep the furniture compatible with the rest of the look.If you have chosen a particular theme or pattern for the walls, try to keep it consistent with the furniture.

    It works well to find a plain colour within the pattern and use that for the furniture, or visa versa. If you want floral sofas and curtains, them choose a plain colour for the walls.

    Wooden furniture compliments this look nicely. Try shopping in vintage shop and antique shops for unique pieces.


  • For a nature-inspired look it is always a nice touch to bring some real plants into your home.
  • If you are feeling quite adventurous try a white painted bird cage.
  • Anything with butterfly motifs or flowers works well with this overall look.

~Have fun and enjoy the sophisticated and beautiful final outcome~

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