Bring The Outside In – How the humble pot plant can benefit your home

November 13th, 2009 by admin

yellow-flowersWhether you treat your home as your refuge from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, or use it as an office for a small business, your interior environment plays a much more important role in maintaining your physical and mental health than you might think. While there are several ways one can enhance their own well-being from their surroundings Рsee our blog on decorating according to colour psychology below Рone of the best ways is getting in touch with nature, and bringing the outside into your home. House plants offer a range of benefits to the occupants of any living space. They can lift your spirits, purify and detoxify the atmosphere, and generally improve your quality of life. Plants act as a filter for pollutants that can otherwise harm health, promoting cleaner air in the space they occupy. They increase the oxygen content of the air you inhale, allowing you to breath more easily and think more clearly. Simply having plants around and caring for them too can be very therapeutic, and has found to reduce stress in human beings.

Think back to science class, and you might remember that all plant life survives and grows by taking carbon dioxide from the air around itself, incorporating the carbon into organic substances for itself and returning pure oxygen back into the atmosphere. We humans as well as other animals breathe in oxygen from the atmosphere and utilize it in our respiratory cycles to burn food for energy and create organic molecules of our own. In turn, we exhale carbon dioxide. Plants utilize it for their own purposes, and thus the cycle continues. Oxygen is a key component in a healthy lifestyle, if an obvious one. If we don’t get enough, breathing becomes more difficult, slowing down our bodily functions and inducing feelings of fatigue.

Harmful pollutants such as micro particles, airborne chemicals and allergens may be present in the air we breath; some have the potential to cause ill health. Many homes, regardless of when they were built, contain traces – sometimes dangerous levels – of benzene, ammonia, carbon monoxide, trichloroethane, xylene and other industrial chemicals. Research has suggested that having a variety of plants in your house can reduce respiratory diseases, tiredness, and illness by stripping the air of dust and other contaminants.

Flora at home can create a harmonious sense of well being and create a more natural, peaceful, and nurturing environment that is more conducive to productivity and serenity. Studies have shown that simplybeing around other living things can liven your mood considerably. Much like pets, plants make us feel connected to nature and the natural world we are intended to be a part of. Living in a completely sterile and mechanized environment can have an alienating effect on a person.


So, which plants should you incorporate into your surroundings? Of course, it is a matter of choosing in accordance with your own personal tastes, in addition to where you live and your own unique micro climate. For instance, if you want more of a house tree, a Ficus Benjamina might be something you’d be interested in. It survives well in a diverse array of environments. Similarly, Peace Lilies are both attractive to the eye, and are great at purifying air. Spider Plants, Boston Ferns, and Palm Trees are also common and popular choices to spruce up your home. Whatever your choice might be, make sure to take care of them on a regular basis, and check that their species is compatible with the climate of the room you intend them to live in.

Making houseplants a welcome addition to your family can improve your life on a variety of levels. They can increase the quality of your health, sleep, and general mood. Aside from the pleasant aesthetic of vibrant colours and the organic feel of living things to offset the unnatural indoor environment, they are great for your peace of mind and your body as well. Why not take a trip to the local greenhouse or find seeds online today and plant your own? Happiness is just a shoot away.

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