Conceal Your Clutter – Simple ways to store your stuff

November 13th, 2009 by admin

Nearly every household has an embarrassing stash of junk that they keep hidden from plain view; under a bed perhaps, or stuffed behind a screen. Even in the most extreme of circumstances, effectively concealing your clutter this doesn’t have to be a tedious, expensive undertaking. Plenty of simple storage options are available to keep your jumble out of sight.

clutter Forget hiring a closet organizing consultant, or pay to have an elaborate shelving system installed. Comparison shopping for some basic storage items will ensure the best value, and there are ways to hide your storage that are both reasonable, and pleasing to the eye. Some companies offer cubby units with coordinating bins, often in wicker, canvas, or plastic. The bins can be removed, or left in the unit to store books, shoes, toys, or any item that would usually end up shoved into a closet, or lying on the floor.

Short or tall cabinets can be found at a reasonable cost, containing several shelves concealed by double doors. Discount stores often sell attractive units for the price, with faux wood fronts in finishes not previously found, like espresso and birch. More utilitarian cabinets may cost even less, since they are often designed for garages. They can be used in less visible places, like basements, or can be hidden behind a floor-to-ceiling curtain suspended from a rod.

Curtains can also be hung from existing structures in the home, like alcove walls, to hide unsightly storage solutions. Another idea is to attach curtains to the undersides of tables to create instant storage space.

Some manufacturers have started making modern, reasonable storage solutions that fit into a home’s decor because they look like furniture. One such item is a scaled-down version of an armoire, with hooks for hanging jackets, purses, and keys, and an area for small items like shoes below. Why not double the useage, and use mirrored doors for a bedroom closest?

Room dividers are another way to hide clutter. A corner in a low-traffic area makes a convenient spot for cheap, open shelving, or stacks of boxes. An attractively designed decorative screen, which you can customize by covering it in your choice of fabric, will render the storage invisible.

The tried-and-true area underneath the bed is always a good bet. Some companies have acknowledged this otherwise useless space’s potential by creating attractive storage boxes, made of wicker or cloth. However, if the bedspread touches the floor, inexpensive plastic containers designed to fit under beds will do. Even shoe boxes or other small containers will work, as long as they can’t be seen.

Pocketed pouches that hang from the backs of doors make stashing small items simple. Those lacking dresser or desk space will find them handy for holding those oddball items that can wreak havoc on the best of organizational intentions. Even shower curtains can be purchased with pockets for sponges, soap, razors, and other bathroom accessories.

Finally, hat and coat racks are old standbys for a reason. They confine jackets, caps, and sometimes umbrellas to a small area, and prevent household members from tossing their things on furniture when they take them off. Wet items also have a chance to dry without dirtying the rest of the dwelling.

These storage ideas can be implemented for little money, and may spur you to come up with your own storage ideas. If you’re good with a hammer and saw, a talented seamstress, or even just quite resourceful, you’re really in luck. The possibilities are endless.

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