Concrete Evidence

September 1st, 2016 by Jemma

Concrete: so very, very chic right now. But quite a commitment, no? If you don’t relish the thought of laying concrete floors or making big changes to your walls or surfaces, then the good news is that it’s extremely easy to fake.

You don’t need to commit to, for example, having your entire floor filled with the real thing, there are plenty of really good imitation materials around from look-a-like wallpaper to laminate floor tiles. You can also create the illusion of concrete using paint methods or grey plaster. These instructions for giving your wall a “concrete finish” are pretty good.

Compliment faux concrete flooring/walls with real concrete trinkets like flower pots, candle holders, book ends and lights:


From top row, Left to right: candle holders from Urban Outfittersconcrete light fittings; clocks by Poppet & Button; bookends; light; DIY votives; planters from Granit; hanging planters; storage shelf by Beaut.

Try some DIY concrete homewares: you could pick up some old breeze blocks and turn them into a unique bedside unit like the one below:

concrete block bed side table with clamp lamp


Or if you fancy starting from scratch, how about making some of these lace debossed candle votives. Concrete can be pretty too! The instructions can be found here.


Here’s our edit of the most stylish concrete interiors…some real, some not.


Concrete-effect wallpaper. SOURCE


This backsplash was created by hand using grey plaster. SOURCE



For a cosier look, don’t forget to add soft touches with rugs, throws and cushions (for living areas) or some artful lighting, a splash of colour and foliage:





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