Inventive ways to display flowers

March 24th, 2017 by Debbie

Spring is here! Or rather, it’s here one day and gone the next. But at some point over the next couple of weeks and with British Summertime beginning this weekend, it can’t be too long before Spring sticks around for a couple of months. We can but hope.

As someone who is 1 part flower lover but 2 parts creative thrill seeker (!) I am always looking to display any flowers I am lucky enough to receive, as well as those I buy myself, in an imaginative and unusual way. A vase in the centre of the kitchen table is just not for me!

After a bit of research, I thought I’d share my findings…

Tea pot window boxes

A quirky alternative to a window box and so quintessentially English! Pot some flowers in a collection of teapots.

Tulips in bottles More:

Separate your bunch of flowers out into a cluster of matching bottles. This looks so much more interesting than a single vase AND makes your bouquet look twice as big!

hanging old watering cans with flowers:

Lucky enough to live somewhere with exposed beams overhead? Why not split your bouquet up and securely hang them in some rustic containers like these watering cans?

Artificial flowers hung like a drape

Let’s not forget that you can get your hands on some really beautiful artificial flowers these days. Invest in some nice ones and attach them to some white ribbons or strips of fabric to create a pretty and unique bedroom “curtain”.

Displaying flowers in a dresser

This photo is obviously from a florist’s and the vintage dresser is overloaded with flowers, but I think it could work in the home too… on a smaller scale!

Flowers in wellies

Spotted outside an estate agents in Chelsea… i just love these potted flowers lined up in a row of wellies.

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