Pantone’s Colours of 2016

January 29th, 2016 by Jemma

The Colour Gods have spoken and they have declared the colours of 2016……are pink and blue! Global colour standardisation company PANTONE® announced for the first time that they had blended two hues this year; specifically, Rose Quartz (13-1520TCX for any industry nerds) and Serenity (15-3919TCX).



I studied colour at university as part of a textile and fashion course and I find the psychology behind colour quite fascinating. Did you know that several US prisons painted their interior walls pink in an attempt to suppress inmates’ violent behaviour? Studies have shown that pink evokes calm and reduces anger and stress thus impacting human aggression in a positive way. Pale blue has similar peaceful connotations by its association with the sky, water and nature as well as serenity and cleanliness.

Of course, these colours are frequently used to represent gender and from a young age we are conditioned to recognise that pink is symbol for a girl; blue for a boy. Perhaps PANTONE® feel that using Rose Quartz and Serenity in harmony is somehow reflective of the current Zeitgeist for gender equality. Whatever the reasons, these colours are certain to add some appealing, homely and fun tones to your interior!


The two colours together, mixed with greys and warm neutrals, create a fun retro feel:





Retro Kitchen diner and diner floor



Muted blush tones against blue-grey are stylish and sweet:






For the less brave, subtle pink and blue accents, like this cushion and cabinet, in a neutral room can really pop!




Here are some of my favourite pink and blue fabrics:


From top row across: Stellar Pink; Portofino; Pinky; Posey; Peonies; Rose Taupe; Martitime; Sacha; Field Rose (all available at The Loom and Last)



From top row across: Arwen; Mineral; Posey Blue; Bluestem; Nouveau Blue; Nuthatch; Sherwood Blue; Egret; Africana (all available at The Loom and Last




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