The Mysteries of Thermal Lining – Unravelled

August 25th, 2009 by Harry

So, you’re looking for curtains to keep your rooms nice and cosy? Choosing a thermal lining for your curtains or Roman blinds is an easy way to help reduce energy loss through your windows – and save you a few pennies on your heating bill at the same time.

Tests have shown that 80% of energy is lost through your windows and that good quality thermal curtains can help retain 30% of that heat. In short, you can shave roughly 20% off your annual utility bill, simply by fitting thermal curtains.

For added effectiveness, choose interlining as well as a thermal lining. An interlined and thermal curtain or Roman blind will help to keep even more heat in, at the same time as giving your curtains a fuller and plumper look.The only real difference between thermal and blackout lining is that blackout lining has an extra acrylic layer to block out the light. This actually makes blackout lining more effective as a thermal insulator than thermal lining but it will prevent light from streaming through the fabric; which is an attractive look for most rooms other than a bedroom.  For more information on blackout linings, click here

If you want the thermal properties, at the same time as letting a little bit of light through then go for thermal lining.

Thermal lining is just a little bit more expensive than standard cotton lining (around 5-10% more), but the added long term benefits when you inevitably start saving money on your energy bills it’s going to be well worth the investment.

Thermal lining is made using a poly/cotton mix (blackout lining made from 100% natural materials doesn’t yet exist). Most curtain companies offer white and off-white colour thermal lining and choose the best colour to match the fabric you’ve chosen.

Some people considering thermally lined curtains are concerned by the way that their curtains will hang. Don’t be. Thermal lining is a fraction of a millimetre thicker than cotton lining and will hang well.

Click here to take a look at the Loom and Last’s range of fabrics – all available as both thermal curtains and thermal blinds.

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