Thermal Curtains – how to stay warm and cut heating bills

September 20th, 2011 by Debbie
Warm, Interlined  Velvet Curtains

Thick curtain fabric (velvet for example) and interlining will keep your room warm

My central heating kicked in automatically yesterday morning.   I’d set it so low that it would only kick in when it was really cold.  Guess what?  It was really cold.  It was an unwelcome reminder that the summer is over and autumn is upon us.  Beautiful though it is,  Autumn is the beginning of the chilly long dark nights and it’s when most of us start thinking about being warm and toasty in the evenings and not playing frisbee in the park or organising an BBQ.

At The Loom and Last, this is the time of year where we get 2 types of phone calls which tell us Autumn is here.  We get calls from people wanting us to come and fix their boilers (British Gas’ helpline is one digit different from ours!)  and we have customers asking about thermal curtains, thermal linings, interlined curtains, blackout curtains and any other way to make curtains or blinds as insulating and warm as possible.  Well the good news is that are plenty of ways your curtains and blinds can keep your house warm AND cut down on your heating bills.  A thick curtain fabric (velvet for example) , thermal lining , blackout lining or interlining are all ways to insulate your home.

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